Gender Based Violence

Gender –based violence has a long historical pattern in Tanzania. Cultural practices that subjected women biased family decisions still have foothold in the society. In worse situations, physical violence like beating up of wives as form of discipline in some cultures is perceived as legal or necessary….READ MORE

Food Security

HPON works with the people of Tanzania to improve their farming yields. Agriculture is not only a major employer and economic activity in Tanzania but, it also plays a vital pillar in insuring food security in the country. HPON believes it is better to have surplus production of agricultural produce…READ MORE

Youth Adolescents & HIV/SRH

HPON partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers Tanzania to conduct data abstraction for Adolescent HIV/SRH services data in Tanzania.To start, we’ve streamed lined our menus to give you quick access to the items you’re looking for, we have included a number of sections,…READ MORE

Community Feedback

At HPON we take keen interest at how the community responds to our projects in the areas we operate. Community participation and meaniful dialogue are important to implementation of our projects.What the Communities Are Saying about us? Here are responses from the areas where we have Operated in! .READ MORE

Donate to HPON

Whenever you donate to HPON, you are assisting a responsible N.G.O to deliver high impact projects to the Tanzanian communities in need. HPON executes its projects with transparency and accountability. Whatever the amount you donate, we will put to good use that will have a long lasting impact on the lives of the people..DONATE NOW


HPON conducts innovative medical research that translates into lasting health benefits while aiming to improve health by promoting research into all areas of medical and related science for the Tanzanian community.HPON recognizes the need for better medication and better treatment of patients….READ MORE