History & Background

Health for a Prosperous Nation; (H-PON) HEALTH FOR A PROSPEROUS NATION, (H-PON) is a non-governmental, not for profit organization with Tanzania NGO registration number 00007181. It was formed in 2014, as an NGO that focuses on public health promotion, data quality assessment, research and evaluations in the United Republic of Tanzania. H-PON works by collaborating with government, local and international institutions, the private sector and the non-profit sector. Our strength is drawn from our core team that involves different specialties such as trained doctors, epidemiologist, biostatisticians, public health specialists and other medical anthropologist and community medicine. Our team is very knowledgeable of the Tanzania context, and well networked with fellow scientist across all sectors. Our combination of rigor scientific knowledge, skills and networking provides a platform for smooth, efficient and effective introduction, engagement, execution and conclusion of scientific activities in Tanzania.