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H-PON Evaluation experience matches that of research implementation. H-PON has been part of the Evaluation of all its interventions in collaboration with implementing partners.

H-PON also consults Evaluation works in the areas of HIV AIDS and Sexual Reproductive Health.

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Global Surgery

HPON is also conducting research activities in other new areas, including:

  1. A cluster randomised trial to assess the impact of a combined Microfinance and participatory gender training intervention for women, and a participatory gender training programme for women and their male partners in reducing intimate partner violence.
  2. A Phase 1 study to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of heterologous prime-boost regimens using MVA-BN®-Filo and Ad26.ZEBOV administered in different sequences and schedules in healthy adults.
  3. A study to investigate the predictors of intimate partner violence: A mixed method longitudinal
    study in Tanzania.
  4. A study to determine the incidence of drowning and related risk factors among fishing
    populations, conducted in 8 fishing communities of Lake Victoria.