Afya studies is an interesting series of interventions targeting adherence among people living with HIV. In these series, the first intervention was to compare effectiveness of food assistance versus that of cash. In this study cash was more effective compared to food and as a result another intervention was implemented to test two amounts 12,500 Tsh and 25,000 Tsh where 22,500Tsh seemed to be effective than 12,500 Tsh. HPON is now implementing phase II of AFYA 2 to see how new HIV positive clients subjected to cash assistance(22,500) will adhere to treatment in comparison to control group.

'Vumbua Kujifunza' was an after school intervention targeting young adolescents of age 10-11. This intervention was designed around brain development evidence that the age of 10-11 is a crucial period where young boys and girls develop rapidly and when positively intervened will results into positive trajectories among this age group.

Ambassadors for Health famously knows as ADDO is an intervention that targeted Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Shinyanga. In this intervention, Accredited Drug Shops(ADDO) were capacitated to provide HIV testing services and contraceptives. ADDO shops were made girl friendly through the use of MALKIA KLABU card and prizes (Pads, lotion, soap and perfumes) given to girls after visiting and purchasing a HIV self testing kit or a contraceptive.

The Mwotaji CRC will add pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to the Makia Klabu implementation strategy, which is a loyalty program for young women at community pharmacies.