GHES U.S. Fellow 2017-2018

Fellowship Site: Shinyanga Regional Hospital, Shinyanga, Tanzania
US Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Project Title: A pilot qualitative assessment of health literacy and its’ influence on medication adherence among HIV/AIDS patients in Northern Tanzania

Omobola Mudasiru, Ms, DrPh

Dr. Mudasiru completed her postdoctoral studies at the Health for Prosperous Nation site in Shinyanga, Tanzania; this was accomplished as part of the organization’s partnership with the University of California, Berkeley. Her postdoctoral work focused on examining barriers to care among hard to reach individuals living with HIV and how home based care providers facilitated their engagement to care. To better understand adherence among HIV patients, we, both, qualitatively, barriers to care and quantitatively collected data on home based care providers encouraging return to care, with a 6 month follow-up. Results of this work has been developed and submitted to journals for publication.

GHES LMIC Fellow 2019-2020

FELLOWSHIP SITE: Shinyanga Regional Hospital, Tanzania

Project Title: Cardiovascular risk factors, depression and quality of life in patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in rural Tanzania

Albino Kalolo, MD, MSc, Phd

Dr Albino Kalolo is currently working as a senior Lecturer of Public Health at St Francis University College of Health and Allied Sciences ( SFUCHAS) located in Ifakara Tanzania. He has a diverse academic training in Medicine and Public Health. He has more than 10 years of  experience in research and practice. His area of expertise include epidemiology of infectious and noninfectious diseases, implementation science, health  financing , theory based evaluations and Use of evidence in decision making in clinical settings and policy making. Dr Kalolo applies mixed methods research approaches in most of his research projects. In the course of his advanced  training in public Health, Dr Kalolo received a Global Health Equity (GHES) scholarship offered in partnership between HPON and University of California Berkeley. He therefore  for a period of one year ( 2019-2020) he worked with HPON in Shinyanga region as postdoctoral fellow and he remains a HPON affiliate to date. Results of this work has been submitted to journals for publication.

Meghan Cherewick Phd, MPH
Megan Cherewick PhD, MPH Assistant Professor Center for Global Health Department of Community & Behavioral Health Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center

Megan Cherewick is currently assistant professor at the university of Colorado School of Public Health. Prof Cherewick’s area of expertise includes, child and adolescent health, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Emergency preparedness and Response, Refugee Health and Global Health. Between 2019 and 2021, Prof Cherewick conducted a cross sectional study on Mental Health Resilience Among Vulnerable Youths in Tanzania. This study collected cross sectional data on exposure to stress, use of copping strategies and effects on mental health and well-being among vulnerable youth in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Prof. Cerewick is currently writing  manuscripts on the results of this cross sectional study