The Discover Project is a study led by an experienced Tanzanian researcher in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), John Hopkins University and Save the Children Tanzania. In this 4- year study we propose to develop, pilot and evaluate a highly innovative intervention. Specifically, Discover includes three main components in Tanzania: 1) the development, pilot and implementation of Discover Learning, an integrated developmental intervention aiming to improve agency, empowerment, gender, health, education, and social development among early adolescents (10-14 years old) in order to support more positive sexual and reproductive health trajectories; 2) the process evaluation of the Discover Learning pilot and implementation activities; and 3) the evaluation of Discover Learning is inbuilt in the project, and will be led by local evaluators (H-PON). Together, these activities will provide pioneering advances to understanding developmental leverage points and learning targets that will inform scalable high-impact early interventions for Tanzanian youth.

Main Objective

In this 4-year study we propose to develop, pilot and evaluate Discover Learning —a highly innovative intervention. We hypothesize that compared to matched controls, participants in the Discover Learning will report: increased experience of gender equality, more positive social relationships with peers and trusted adults, enhanced feelings of empowerment and motivation to engage in school and other learning experiences, and more positive attitudes towards and comfort with using technology as a learning tool.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Using a patient- centered design approach to facilitate a co designing process with end beneficiaries to address the drivers of poor adherence to ART treatment.

Strategic Advisory Services

HPON has a pool of experts with commendable experience in Research, Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation of development programs in partnership with stakeholders

Maternal & Newborn Health

Tanzania faces a high rate of Maternal deaths (556 per 100,000 live births) that are potentially preventable. Rate of newborn deaths is still unacceptably high.

Ambassaddors For Health

This is an initiative designed in response to the dual threats of HIV infection and unintended pregnancy among Adolescent girls and young women (ages 15-24).