About us

About us


This organization seeks to contribute towards Tanzania development efforts in line with the laid National and International Strategic Plans.

Health for a Prosperous Nation (H-PON) is a Local Nongovernmental organization with a vision of a healthy Tanzanian population. The H-PON works to contribute towards the Government efforts via its development agenda of having a healthy Tanzanian population which engages effectively in development efforts and hence reduce poverty and generating a prosperous Nation. The organization Core areas include; Research, Health system Strengthening and Implementation of innovative evidence based approaches which have the potential of making difference in lives of the people at grass root level.


Vision Statement

The organization’s vision is to have a nation where every person has access to quality promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services

Mission Statement

HPON is committed in developing custom designed solutions to address problems in health and development. We are offering cost effective monitoring and evaluation solutions to Implementing partners in East African region and Africa.

We work to build capacity of youth fresh graduates from higher learning institutions through apprenticeship in conducting researches and in developing cost effective solutions tailored to address the local community needs. We exploit the advancement in technologies to design high impact local solutions to address local problems.

We invest in young generation by empowering them to become highly productive resources so as to optimize their contributions in socio- economic development in the lens of Sustainable development endeavors.

Our Values

  • Non-discrimination; We believe that every individual, every institution and /or partner organizations should not be discriminated because of who they are in the pursuit of our vision.


  • Respect; as an organization that believes in contributing to a better future respect is a trait that is instilled in all our staffs to ensure that this trait is practiced internally and also with our partner organizations.


  • Commitment; HPON believes in honoring and keeping promises made to itself and partners i.e. Donor organization, end beneficiaries, implementing partners and government partners. It is our utmost belief that in order to realize our mission and make the difference anticipated it is critical that deliver what we have promised even in challenging circumstances.


  • Innovation; we embrace innovative ideas, we embrace innovative leaders including young ones to be critical ingredient to our course in pursuit for a better future.