Gender Based Violence Projects

Gender –based violence has a long historical pattern in Tanzania. Cultural practices that subjected women biased family decisions still have foothold in the society. In worse situations, physical violence like beating up of wives as form of discipline in some cultures is perceived as legal or necessary. The government has made good strides in enacting laws that have helped to strengthen the rights of women and children. HPON Together with our partners have embarked on initiatives aimed to educate and sensitize the the society to shun these ideologies. Our projects with our partners focus on:

  • Community mobilization to undertake Gender Violence initiatives
  • Providing training to community workers and local Nyumba Kumi elders on dealing with gender violence
  • Promoting safety of women through sensitization and media campaigns
  • Supporting like-minded efforts and movements working in remote areas

Our Partner: GIM Aspire LTD

In Patnership With GIM Aspire LTD, HPON conducts  a Gender based Violence and Violence Against Children Mapping of Key Stakeholders, including needs assessment for  32 health facilities in 10 regions of Tanzania

ley School of Public Health and Shinyanga Region.


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