HPON works with the people of Tanzania to improve their farming yields. Agriculture is not only a major employer and economic activity in Tanzania but, it also plays a vital pillar in insuring food security in the country. HPON believes it is better to have surplus production of agricultural produce. Well fed communities generally have better health life than otherwise.

  • HPON also assists rural farmers to gain access to better markets for their produce in order to earn income. In addition HPON compliments government efforts and other stake holders in:
  • Improving nutrition and the accessibility to fresh water for communities
  • Spurring Economic Growth Through Agriculture
  • Building resilience of vulnerable communities
  • Private sector investmentpartnership with communities

Mitigating The Effect Of Food Insecurity Project

Partner: University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health.

Mitigating the effect of food insecurity on adherence to HIV treatment in Tanzania: Are conditional cash and food transfers effective strategies?- Evaluation Study done in partnership with University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health and Shinyanga Region.

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